Aura Enhancement

Strong, bright, and healthy Aura promotes the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This enlightening web-article provides a rich and very beneficial stock of information about aura, auric health, methods or techniques for strengthening aura, and services of our globally renowned astrologer of India for aura enhancement of people of all ages, occupations, and sections of the society.The Aura is a distinctive atmosphere of electromagnetic radiations surrounding a person or object, and reveals lots of information about the essence of the person or object concerned. Every person or other living creature, or object, has a specific aura; thus, auras are natural or spiritual signatures. Consisting of seven layers of electromagnetic energies, the aura surrounds a person in an oval-shaped field, and extends up to 2-3 feet on all sides, including above the head and below the feet into the ground. The auras around living creatures [people, plants, etc] change with time; while those around non-living objects [stones, water, crystals, etc.] remain fixed. The bulk part of the human aura is made of electromagnetic radiations which contains both the low-frequency microwave and infrared (IR) light rays, and high-frequency ultraviolet (UV) light rays. The low-frequency part is related with the inner functions of our body [such as DNA structure, blood circulation, metabolism, etc.], whereas the high-frequency part is associated with our conscious activities, such as thoughts, emotions, deeds, etc. The high-frequency part of aura is very significant, and this can be seen with naked eyes by a learned aura reader.